Acadiana Equine @ Copper Crowne offers 50 acres of lush paddocks and pastures

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Acadiana Equine @ Copper Crowne offers 50 acres of lush paddocks and pastures



Acadiana Equine offers a full service surgical facility which services include, but are not limited to:


• Emergency Colic Surgery

• Arthroscopy

• Upper Airway procedures

• Orthopedic procedures

• Laproscopy

• Laser surgery

• Neonatal Procedures
  Herniorraphy and Omphilectomy

• Reproduction

• Internal Medicine Services
  Neonatal care, 24 hour care

• Lameness Care

• Digital radiography and ultrasound

• Dynamic and routine endoscopy

• Shockwave therapy

• Ambulatory services

• Racetrack medicine

•Aquatreadmill Therapy

The Stock Exchange was founded in 2009 by David Tillson to provide services to the Thoroughbred Racing Industry. A Louisiana State University graduate with a B. S. in Animal Science, Mr. Tillson is also a Certified Equine Appraiser. With over 30 years in the Thoroughbred racing industry, The Stock Exchange has successfully negotiated stallion acquisitions and sales, breeding partnerships, company memberships and shares in stallion ownerships. With experience selling stallion shares and seasons on the national level, David is now focusing his efforts expanding Louisiana’s stallion offerings.


Seeing a need for “new blood” in the Louisiana market, The Stock Exchange with partners brought Court Vision to the state. The success of that first partnership facilitated the partnerships that also brought Gemologist and Astrology to Louisiana. We owe our success to our partners, we could not have reached this point without you.


The Stock Exchange provides services including stallion share and season sales, pedigree review, certified equine appraisals, and consignment representation for both buyers and sellers at regional and national Thoroughbred auctions.


Acadiana Equine @ Copper Crowne


We have partnered with Acadiana Equine @ Copper Crowne’s experienced veterinarians, Dr. Sonny Corley and Dr. Eddie Cramer, of Louisiana Center for Equine Reproduction to stand Astrology, Court Vision and Gemologist to ensure quality reproductive care for all our clients’ broodmares.


Acadiana Equine’s breeding facility is equipped with a stallion barn, 48 mare stalls and 50 acres of paddocks and pastures. Furthermore, we operate a veterinary directed rehabilitation center including an aquatreadmill.